January Message

Welcome to our website. Browsing on the web is a good thing to do this time of year. Most of us in the RMR are trying to stay warm and cozy and what better way to do that is to find a new stitching site?
We are a relatively new chapter with a site that is expanding with new ideas and information, so you have to keep checking on us. Leave us a message for us, if you like or join too.

Next month, February, is National Embroidery Month, a time to think about how much embroidery means in our lives. It is a creative art that has been enjoyed by many from the beginning of time and part of our mission is to keep the old styles and forms of the art alive an available to all interested persons. ( I know this is January, but you need time to plan.) One way to share our enthusiasm for the art is to stitch in public places to give people a chance to observe and to question about it. So that being said, it is a custom for EGA members to Stitch in Public during the month of February. Stitch in the library, in the coffee shop, in the deli at the grocery store, at the book store, etc. Ask your stitching friends, members or not, to go with you to work on your current project. Let me know if you take part in this celebration of EMBROIDERY MONTH.

“I cannot find my day complete – ‘Til needle, thread and fabric meet.” (Author unknown)


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