Guatemala Adventures – Part 5 cont.

Webmasters note:  My apologies to Connie as I left off the end of her article last month.  This is the continuation of the article.

Colibrí ( – This is where I purchased our beautiful bedspread. Colibrí carries only newly made items. This store was founded in 1984 to “assist several groups of indigenous women widowed during the armed conflict in Guatemala. Weaving at home allowed them to support their children through their craft, while at the same time develop self-confidence and organizational skills.”

Today, over 500 Mayan women from 25 villages combine the traditional tech niques and patterns of the backstrap weaving into contemporary design and function. The original weavers (and many of their daughters and granddaughters) participate in all aspects of the business and Colibrí is successful and self-sustaining.

The broad stripes you see are the decorative embroidery called randa (RAHN-dah) which is used to connect the long, woven panels together.

I encourage you to go to both these websites to learn more and see the beautiful pictures.

Next up: Beautiful, amazing Antigua!

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