Guatemala Adventures – Part 6

Ahhhhh, Antigua! It is hard to know where to start in talking about this beautiful little city. antigua1Quaint, picturesque, historic….all these and more are words that come to mind.

You see beautiful examples of the Spanish colonial style architecture everywhere. Some are just ruins, some have been partially restored and a few have been fully restored. Modern buildings pay homage to old. Color and beauty are everywhere – the vivid hues of the buildings, the abundant flowers and trees, the markets and street vendors, the splendid central park square with fountains and fresh cut flower arrangements, and the picturesque hillsides surrounding the town, dominated by 4 (2 active, 2 dormant) volcanoes. It is breathtaking, charming and enchanting.

I’ll just let the town “sell” itself to you in the following pictures…..

Truly, a feast for the eyes, eh?!

Now, I’ll tell you about the amazing hotel we stayed in. There are many hotels in Antigua, as you can imagine. Some are in old church enclaves such as nunneries, convents, churches, etc. Some are in old residences and some have always been hotels. Teresa (my friend) and her husband have stayed in Antigua many times over the 2 years they’ve been here. (Somehow, all of a sudden, everyone wants to come visit you when you live here!!!) Anyway, she recommended Hotel Casa Santo Domingo to us.

This outstanding hostelry was a monastery founded in 1538 by the Dominicans. It is considered one of the grandest of its kind in the Americas. You will see why in the following pictures. It has gorgeous gardens that are impeccably maintained and there are several museums/art galleries within the hotel. As well, they turned many of the “cells” into guest rooms. Oh my goodness! Everywhere you turn is antiquity!!

Once again, I’ll shut my mouth and just serve up “dessert” for your eyes with the following pictures:


Sigh……I could LIVE here! It is incredibly peaceful. In fact, I’m pretty sure my husband would be more than happy to bring a book and just sit in the gardens and read while I go out and shop ‘til I drop!

In my next article, I will share the fabulous “textile treasures” I came home with!

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