2015 – The Year of Exploration

Recently I shared with several folks that as a result of our Bargello Challenge GCC and several other projects, I decided that 2015 is the year of exploration for me.  Since our Bargello Challenge GCC was the first driver for this decision, I started going back through my books and websites that I had bookmarked.  As I looked through these and looked as some of my favorite Bargello sites, I was reminded that one site did a “365 days of Bargello”.  As a result, I have made a list of what I want to explore this year related to bargello to support our GCC and several other projects in my UFO pile.

This exploration will include other techniques and lots of new ways to finish my needlework.  The major finishing techniques that I want to really explore are the following:

  • Biscornu – all kinds – especially a 15-sided one
  • Pyramid Ornament – I saw this with one of the petite projects and really liked what I saw
  • 3-D Ornaments – I have done a few of these and really enjoy them so want to explore some other ways to do them
  • 3-D Cube – I have several projects that are “blocks” which I have decided to turn into “cubes”

As a result, I have been asked to share my explorations as our guest blogger.  I hope my explorations will be helpful to some of you and that some of you will join me in my explorations.  Please feel free to ask questions, provide recommendations, share your experiences, etc.

Look for some photos of my first Bargello explorations in the next day or two.  I will try and post something every few days so that you know what I have been exploring.

Karen Anthony

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