The Journey Continues – First Explorations with Bargello

Thank you all for joining me in my “Year of Exploration”.  I would like to share my first explorations with Bargello.  There were several areas I wanted to experiment with first:

  • Bargello patterns using overdyed threads – stitched on Perforated Paper and Perforated Canvas
    • First one was a free pattern called “Byzantine” from the Caron Collection website – this is lots of fun to make ornaments with, I have made many over the years.  Caron Watercolours are a great thread for this pattern.
    • Second was several ornaments from Sekas & Co called “Stained Glass Ornaments” – The four shown in the photo were all stitched with the Caron Watercolour called “Nefertiti”

Caron Byzantine Ornament    Ornaments

  • Bargello pattern in combination with specialty stitches – Rhodes stitches and eyelets are great for this.  This was stitched on white Congress Cloth.  Here is a photo of a pattern where I have been experimenting with this.  This was stitched using 3 colors of Perle Cotton (two greens & one red) and a golden Rainbow Gallery Highlights for the Rhodes, Eyelet and Amadeus stitches.

Bargello w Specialty

  • Bargello patterns using the same basic “step” or “motif” with multiple colors – these were stitched on white Congress Cloth:

              Easter Egg     Medallion

As mentioned in my last post, the first “pattern” I chose to do for this area was a free Easter Egg pattern from Rainbow Gallery because I liked the Bargello type effect that had been chosen by the designer.  I used 4 colors of Perle Cotton to complete this pattern.  I used 3 colors of Perle Cotton to create the star-like motif.

The next area I will be exploring with Bargello is making “ribbons” and patterns that give a multidimensional appearance like Pomegranates.

I hope you will join me on this journey.  Please ask questions, share experiences – I will also take any suggestions on patterns, types of Bargello motifs, color schemes or thread types that you would like to see explored.  I hope you have fun with me on this journey!

Karen Anthony

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