The Journey Continues – Exploring Ribbons & Four-Way Motifs

I have been exploring different types of patterns for ribbons for my Holiday bellpulls.  I wanted to explore both the pattern and color options for creating the pattern.  I first used a pattern that looked like a twisted ribbon from Toni McKelley’s Florentine Fancywork.

The threads I used were:

  • DMC #8 Perle – 319, 368, 815, 498, 321
  • Caron Wildflowers – 025 (Holiday)

The picture on the left is where I just used the DMC Perle – so just solid colors.  The picture on the right is where I alternated between the Perle and the Wildflowers overdye.

Ribbons with solids                                                                Ribbons with overdye

The next ribbon type pattern I explored was a wavy one from Loretta Spears’ Florentine Fantasy.  For this one I used the following threads:

  • DMC #8 Perle – 890, 368, 367, 321
  • Wildflowers – 025 (Holiday)

Wave Ribbon with Overdye   I am still trying to decide if I want to add the remaining three rows in the original pattern – they will be three reds (815, 498, 321).  If I add them – still trying to decide if I will add them above the three greens or below the overdye section.  In other words, deciding between having the overdye on the bottom or having the overdye in the center.

Then I decided to try a 4-way motif in the design.  For this one I used the following threads:

  • DMC #8 Perle – 367, 368, 815, 498, 321
  • Wildflowers – 065 (Emerald)
  • Rainbow Gallery Hi-lights – H629
  • Kreinik #4 Braid – 202HL

4-way motif in progress - 16 MayGCC 4-way motif in progressThese photos were taken as it was in progress.  Below is the completed motif.

Completed 4-way motif in spot sampler

Next I will be exploring some motifs that I can use to represent snowflakes and Christmas ball-shaped ornaments (or fillers for the “O” in words like JOY).

I hope you will join me as I continue on my journey.  Please ask questions, share experiences – I will also take any suggestions on patterns, types of Bargello motifs, color schemes or thread types that you would like to see explored.  I hope you have fun with me on this journey!

Karen Anthony

4 thoughts on “The Journey Continues – Exploring Ribbons & Four-Way Motifs

    • I have really been having fun with it. Thanks for commenting. Glad folks are enjoying following my explorations. It has really brought the fun back into things again.

  1. Connie – thanks so much for your kind words. Thanks for following along with my explorations. I found some great patterns of overlapping “ribbons” – I will be working on them this coming weekend. Hope you will give it a try too! I have been having so much fun with this!

  2. Wow! Holy Gamoly, Karen these are so realistic. I’m really enjoying following you exploring Bargello motifs. I’m learning so much just by looking at your stuff. I’m going to have to give this a try. (My husband says Thanks Karen) LOL

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