The Journey Continues – More Bargello Ornaments

I apologize for not posting in April – it was a crazy busy month and I did very little stitching.

Here are some photos of more Bargello ornaments that I have made.  They are all stitched with the same thread (one strand of Caron Watercolours Neferti).  The patterns are from Stained Glass Ornaments I, II and III by Sekas & Co.  Hope you enjoy them – they are very fun to stitch and give lots of ideas of variations that could be made.  I especially enjoyed seeing how different they look depending on what direction the stitches are going.

Bargello Ornaments #1Bargello Ornaments #2

3 thoughts on “The Journey Continues – More Bargello Ornaments

  1. Just checked the Caron website – according to their listing, Nefertiti is still available! I will still be looking at each shop I visit and getting all that I can find!

  2. I love the color combinations of Watercolours Nerfiti. and your ornaments are lovely. Sad news tho a shop keeper recently told me that Nerfiti is being discontinued.

    • Barb – thanks for your lovely comments. I had so much fun creating those ornaments and have gotten lots of folks interested who have seen them. I agree that is sad news you heard from a shop keeper. I would hate to see Nefertiti discontinued!

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