2016 – Year of the Stitch – This month’s journey progresses

As I mentioned in the last post – the first stitches I am exploring are the chain stitch and the long & short stitch.

Let’s recap the highlights of my initial findings about the long & short stitch:
• Primarily used for shading and thread painting
• Multiple types of fabrics/ground cloths can be used
• Shape can just be filled (like I did) or outlined first and then filled

Mary Corbet of Needle ‘n Thread and Trish Burr both have wonderful tutorials about doing the Long & Short Stitch.

Here are photos of my attempts at shading and thread painting using the Long & Short Stitch. I used it to begin creating a pansy using these stitches. My ground cloth was white Congress cloth again with #8 perle cotton in three shades of purple and two shades of yellow:

Beginning Pansy               Thread Painted Pansy
Beginning of Stitching Pansy                 Finished Petal of Pansy w 3 colors

Close-up of Pansy Long & Short                                                                   Close-up of Shading


I hope you enjoyed by explorations with this stitch and the chain stitch (and some of its variations). Starting next weekend (3rd weekend of the month), I will be starting exploration on two new stitches – Crescent Stitches/Variations and all kinds of Jessicas – both by Jean Hilton.

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