Journey Continues – Exploring Jessicas & Crescents

As I mentioned in my last post – this month I have been exploring all kinds of Crescent Stitches (and their variations) and all kinds of Jessicas – both by Jean Hilton.

My two favorite Jean Hilton books for exploring these two stitches are:

  • The Hilton Sampler
  • Jean Hilton’s Stimulating Stitches

Let’s first discuss my exploration of Crescent stitches.  First I took the basic shaped Crescent stitch and explored layering them as shown below on the left.  Next I explored what Jean called a “Double Crescent” (shown below in the middle).  Then I started to explore some of the different shaped Crescent stitches in my books.  She has several shapes that she lapeled “Exotic Crescents” – one of them was the Curved Leaf Crescent (shown below on the right)

Overlapping Crescents 2

Double Crescent      Curved Leaf Crescent

The next type of Crescent stitch that I explored was variations of the Fleur-de-lis Crescent.  The first one was the Fleur-de-lis Heart – this is putting two side by side but flipping the one side so they join to form a heart (shown on the left), next was putting two end-to-end to create what Jean called a “Serpentine Crescent” (shown in the middle).  Lastly, I explored a portion of what she called “Topsy-Turvy” which was a circular type shape made by joining curved crescents tail-to-tail and back to back (shown on the right).

Fleur-de-lis Heart  S-Crescent    Piece of Topsy-Turvy

The last type of Crescent I explored is one Jean called a “Loop-to-Loop Crescent”.  I tried several of these as shown in the photo below.

Loop-to-Loop Crescents

Next I explored various types of Jessica stitches.  The traditional Jessica stitch creates a circle.  The “size” of the center hole for the circle depends on where you start – in other words, where you put the 1-2 stitch.  I first explored several examples that Jean had changing where the first stitch went.  The results of this exploration are shown in the photo below on the left.    Next I explored different shapes, the first of which was the triangle and looked at both tall and short ones as shown below on the right.

Jessicas with different starting points     Triangle Jessicas

The next shapes I explored where a polygon (slanted square) and ovals.  I tried the ovals both horizontally and vertically as shown below in the photo on the left.  Then I tried her Lacy Diamond Jessica – shown below in the photo on the right.

Other Shape Jessicas     Lacy Diamond Jessica

Lastly, I explored overlapping Jessicas to make a chain of them.  The photos below show the results of that exploration

Interlocking Jessicas       Second Overlapping Jessicas

I hope you enjoyed by explorations with these stitches and all the varieties.  I am going to continue exploring stitches that Jean Hilton used in her designs – next will be the Sprat’s Head, Walneto and the Amadeus stitches.

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