Welcome to New Explorations in 2017

Welcome to 2017 – I have been asked again to be our guest blogger and share my explorations.  2015 was the year I explored different things with Bargello and different types of finishing techniques.  2016 was the year I decided to focus on exploring all kinds of stitches, their variations, and how I might make my own variations.  I also wanted to explore the impact of different types of threads and ground cloth on various types of stitches.

For this year’s exploration, I want to focus on layered and composite stitches.  This exploration will include how the stitches change based on the type of thread used.  In particular, I want to focus on the impact of overdyed threads on these types of stitches.

The other area I will continue to explore is new ways to finish my needlework.  My main focus here is how to create three-dimensional objects as a means of finishing my stitching.


For my stitch explorations, I will be sharing the following type of information:  descriptions of which stitches were explored since my last post, what types of threads were explored, what techniques I think the various options would be good for, any tips or “lessons learned”, and photos.

For my finishing explorations, I will be sharing the type of 3-D object I explored since my last post, what types of ground cloths can be used for that object, what types of stitches and/or techniques can be used with that object, any tips or “lessons learned”, and photos.


The first stitches I will be exploring are: Waffle (aka Norwich), Herringbone, Sprat’s Head and the Chilly Hollow Stitch, along with their variations.  I hope my explorations will be inspirational and helpful to some of you and that you will join me in my explorations.  Please feel free to ask questions, provide recommendations, share your experiences, etc.

I will try and post something every week so that you know what I have been exploring.

Karen Anthony




1 thought on “Welcome to New Explorations in 2017

  1. Thank you, Karen, as I sometimes know I am doing a variiations of a stitch and somethines do not recognized when it is the same stitch.

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