Time to be Happy – Online Course Discussion

Join us as we start our journey stitching the current EGA online Course, Time to be Happy.

Darla Pic 3-12-17

Darla’s Sampler 3-12-17

Connie 3

Connie, Lesson 1 3-13-17

Darla’s Sampler 3-27-17

Denton 4-21-17

Rosemary and Mary – April 2  1, 2017

Darla-Front 4-25-17

Darla – Front 4-25-17

Darla-Back 4-25-17

Darla – Back 4-25-17








Rosemary's done! 5-11-17


Rosemary's done! 5-11-17

Rosemary’s done! 5-11-17

19 thoughts on “Time to be Happy – Online Course Discussion

  1. Mary & I worked on our samplers today. In Lesson 6, where the stitcher’s name is, we both decided to use that block instead to personalize the sampler for the future recipient. (We both knew back around Lesson 3 that the sampler would have to have a stated purpose or we’d never finish them.) I finished Lesson 6 today; it should be done and to the framer next Friday. It’s for my goddaughter who turns 32 on June 24. Mary’s is for a couple they cruise with. She’s in Lesson 6 but is putting it aside temporarily to do a small version for a friend undergoing chemo. Will do photos when we have something more to show!

  2. Mary and Rosemary, I like the extra space between rows!
    I am now done nad I need ideas for how to finish it. Does anyone have an Idea? I do not have very many walls so framing it is hard for me.
    Thank you
    Darla K-C

    • Darla,

      I always have that problem because of so few walls in my house. Keep an eye on the 3D object discussion (look for the Play Date sub-tab under the Education tab). I have a large piece that I decided to finish as either a rectangular or oval box. Not sure how long or wide your piece is – one of those might work for you. Another option might be a flatfold.

  3. Hi all. I just finished lesson 8, and am working on the nun stitch around the edges. When I get done I will send a picture. I saw on the discussion the ‘flowers’ in lesson 7 and liked them, but really liked the blackwork band. I used ‘Spring’, rather than ‘March’ or ‘April.’ It is my spring project. So I put all of the lettering together in 4 rows doing couching letters rather than cross stitch over one thread. I did the last band in yellow, in the blackwork pattern, as it was a color we had not used often, for the 5th row. It looks like a sperate band. Next time I will use a darker color for the backwork. In band 24, I did not notice that the flowers were to be large celestial eyelet as I did them as fly eyelet. Did not look too closely at the instructions. I did the last band like the first, turned sideways and upside down! Now to decide what to do with it….. Darla

  4. Mary & I have started Lesson 2, skipping the nasty knots as I said yesterday. We’ve also changed the lettering. We went with alphabets that didn’t have those miserable cross stitches over one that we couldn’t see. We’re only on Lesson 2 and are already making changes to the pattern!!!!
    (Hope you like the blues that both of us added!) Will send a photo to Connie in a few minutes.

  5. Mary & I started the sampler last Friday and have both completed Lesson 1. We’ll start Lesson 2 when we get together tomorrow. I’ve made a couple of minor thread changes, including adding a blue, I know that we’re going to do something different to start Lesson 2 other than those knots, which we can do but don’t like. Our default position on knots is usually beads, so those will probably be added at the very end. Will send a photo to Connie when we’re done stitching tomorrow.

  6. I have lesson 4 done! I think the cross stitching over one gets harder the longer I am stitching, so have to take eye breaks. So I did the alphabet with 1/2 cross, then returned with the other 1/2 cross. I think it looks good and I am enjoying the work.
    In lesson 2, I did the 1st lettering with cross stitches and the 2nd lettering with half cross over a bass thread like couching. So my sampler is a sampler of more than the lessons.

  7. Alright, I posted a picture of mine, through Lesson 1, mistakes and all!! I figured out that I also have made the whole thing too wide, as I went to my basting lines which, of course, included the hemstitching! Oh well, at least I have a lot of material to work with on either side. Geesh! :0o

  8. I am sending a picture to Connie to post. I have changed bands 1 and 2. I will do the lettering when I get to my Mother in Laws, so I can use her magnifying light to cross stitch over one thread. Wow, 32 count is tiny. I like the double back stitch, and this sampler does it many times. Not fond of the French stitch so far. Enjoy stitching Darla

  9. Okay, so don’t be ME when you work on band 2, lesson 1!!! Not only did I start in the wrong place (which caused me to HAVE to do compensating stitches….who DOES that!?) but I also stitched the pattern incorrectly.

    The first pass (F) was fine. But, I did not pay attention to 2….it skips a spot. MAKE NOTE of it, as it will affect the outcome of your band.

    There was absolutely NO WAY I was going to do the frog stitch on this tiny, tiny stitching so it now has become my own creation!!!

  10. I finally received my magnification lamp yesterday and have almost completed the first band!! YAY! So much less of a struggle to stitch. I like my first band and my first color choice from my new set of threads. So far, so good. :0)

  11. Hi, everybody! I’m very excited about starting this little sampler and experiencing my first online course. It will be an interesting adventure and maybe give us some clues how something like it might work for our chapter in the future.
    I’ve changed all the colors and even the ground fabric for my piece. I have the basting stitches in and am ready to start. However, I find that I am going to need better illumination and magnification, as I am working on 32 cnt and my eyes are not liking it! I need to find some better “eyes”, I guess.
    I’ll post pictures as soon as I figure out how to do it! By the way, this piece is pretty tiny, especially in 32 cnt. I’ll let you know how to do it when Becky tells me! :0)
    Darla, you are amazing! Rosemary and Mary – you go girls! I agree that the instructions were a bit confusing. I had to think about where it was he wanted us to click!
    I look forward to hearing about your progress and how you feel about an online class.
    Happy stitching, ladies.

  12. I have done Band 1. Decided to do 3 upright, 5 sideways, then 5 upside down, 5 sideways the other way and the last 3 upright. It looks balanced and is the same stitch. It was fun to do.

  13. Mary & I have both downloaded Lesson 1 from the EGA website. It took both of us on the phone together to talk through the various instructions of how to actually find the lesson PDF — but we did it!

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