Small Chapter Projects – August 2017

Project 2 – Small Scissor Fob

Using the basketweave stitch, create a small scissor fob, frame weight or project of your choice.  Yvonne used canvas and various fibers from her stash.  An easy project with a useful purpose to end summer.  Click here for the instructions:  Basketweave Scissor Fob.

1 thought on “Small Chapter Projects – August 2017

  1. As a chapter project one time, we each received a paper bag of wool thread lengths of varying colors. We were not to look in the bag. The project was very similar to this fob, just bigger, as we were using a piece of canvas big enough to make a small frame weight. The rule was that when we needed a new thread, we just stuck our hand in the bag and used the thread we pulled out. It was amazing how pretty those pieces came out! You could make up a paper bag filled with threads of varying lengths (none more than 12″) from your stashes! We all have small lengths of threads that need to find good homes, don’t we!? Start your grab bag today with all those odd thread ends you’ve got in your thread stashes.

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