March Chapter Project

How about stitching a card for someone special? A small design doesn’t take long, but it sure will tell someone that you care. You should be able to find cards with a “window” wherever craft supplies are sold. One source for free small designs is (you have to register to download the patterns, but it’s free). If you stitch a card, make sure and send a photo to Becky at for March Show & Tell.

January Snowflake CHALLENGE

Ladies – Let’s start the new year with a small CHALLENGE and get lots of PARTICIPATION!  I challenge you to do SOMETHING snowflake themed! (Hint: a bookmark takes only a couple of evenings.)  Get creative!  Dip into your stash!  Do blackwork or whitework or crewel!  Bead it!  Design your own snowflake!  Check out the Photo Gallery for inspiration!  BUT DO SOMETHING!  Send photos of your finished work to Becky at to get them into the Photo Gallery.  (If 5 or more members other than me and my stitching buddy Mary participate, I’ll award a prize to whoever’s snowflakes tickles my fancy.)

If you need a pattern to get started, here is a link:  snowflakes

(If you have trouble printing off the Word chart, let me know at and I’ll e-mail it to you.

December Chapter Project

Caroline’s Mini Lights

Design By: Sally London
Here are three small fun ornaments that stitch up quickly, just about two hours each. Trace the Christmas light outline and then fill in with two colors using simple stitches. Customize them with your own colors and favorite stitches. Use for your tree, for ornament exchanges and on gift wrappings.

Click here for the link.

October Chapter Projects — Whitework

Are you familiar with whitework embroidery? This term refers to any embroidery technique in which the stitching is the same color as the foundation fabric. Traditionally, it was worked in white or natural colored thread on white or natural colored linen.  But who says we need to be traditional?  One of our members has already started them in a beautiful blue.  Pull some fabric and thread (we’re trying overdyed floss) out of your stash and get started!

For the Beginner Whitework Ornament, click here.

For the Intermediate Whitework Ornament, click here.