Bargello Challenge Group Correspondence Course

View all the wonderful Bargello Challenge pieces completed by our members.  What wonderful color selections.

Connie Fudge, our group coordinator finished two pieces pictured here:

Connie Fudge's Completed Piece     Connie Fudge's Framed Ocean - second class piece

Maureen Brown's Completed Piece

Maureen Brown’s

Rosemary Denton's Completed Piece

Rosemary Denton’s

Yvonne Hallock's Completed Piece

Yvonne Hallock’s

Mary Krueger's Completed Piece

Mary Krueger’s

Meri Kuehn's Completed Piece

Meri Kuehn’s

One thought on “Bargello Challenge Group Correspondence Course

  1. Hi Voula,I have put a ‘buy alt21&#8re7; in my June calendar and will surely enjoy this for a lovely summer read!As a coach you have been a great support this year, now I’m sure you’ll continue to inspire me…. Who knows I might follow my dream some day to write a book : )x Anouk

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