Small Chapter Projects – June 2017

Project 1 from Needle Arts

Many of the small projects from Needle Arts are suitable for using up stash materials.  For example, the White work project, “Flower Patch,” in the March 2017 issue is shown in black and white.  I will, at the very least, change the black to another color, but the white floss could be changed as well as the fabric color.  Be careful when you change the fabric, because using a fabric with a different thread count can mean you need a larger piece of fabric.  I get distracted when finding a piece of fabric that I know is just right for a small project and forget to count and measure it!

Time to be Happy – Online Course Discussion

Join us as we start our journey stitching the current EGA online Course, Time to be Happy.

Darla Pic 3-12-17

Darla’s Sampler 3-12-17

Connie 3

Connie, Lesson 1 3-13-17

Darla’s Sampler 3-27-17

Denton 4-21-17

Rosemary and Mary – April 2  1, 2017

Darla-Front 4-25-17

Darla – Front 4-25-17

Darla-Back 4-25-17

Darla – Back 4-25-17








Rosemary's done! 5-11-17


Rosemary's done! 5-11-17

Rosemary’s done! 5-11-17