June 2017 – Introduction to Small Chapter Projects

I have thought a lot about what kind of projects I should present to the group.  We have done several GCC’s and Karen has presented some larger projects as well.  One day when I was sitting in my sewing room looking at all of my materials, it occurred to me that I needed some projects that would use up some of my stash.  (It has been multiplying in the last few years).  It occurred to me that you might also want some small projects to use up some of your stash.

While I don’t know what your stash consist of, mine has leftover materials from commercial kits (mostly cotton floss, ribbon, braid, beads), materials left from class projects, stuff I just had to have like fancy fibers and grab bags of fabric, materials other people were getting rid of, and lots of patterns that I may actually use some day.  I have actually thought of inventorying my stash, but I’m not sure I want my husband to know how much stuff I have stashed away.

My sources for projects include my collection of patterns that I have collected over the years, the Internet, and EGA’s magazine and web page.  Some of the projects will be ones that I have designed and put together myself   So I will tell you what I used for each of those projects—fabric, fibers, embellishments if any—I expect that you will change the projects to fit what you have available to use for them.  Always feel free to make changes on your own.

While I will tell you what I used for the project and make suggestions, I won’t give you a detailed list of materials.  I will try to have several websites that have information about the particular stitch I’ve used for the project.  Occasionally, I will suggest projects from sources that are readily available to us on the Internet.  And I won’t be giving specific finishing directions either, but I will mention how I actually finished projects.

The projects will be posted on the RMWS web page under education.  I am hoping to have small projects posted about every two months, but that depends on my schedule.

Click here for the June 2017 Small Chapter Project