The World of Threads – Photo Gallery of Explorations

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Photos of stash organization:

     Thanks to Rosemary Denton for sharing some photos of how she handles her thread stash.  In the top photo, she and Mary Krueger (Mary is on the left) are working on organizing their combined specialty thread stash.  They do this periodically because of always accumulating bags of thread from finished project.  Rosemary shared that the Rainbow Gallery sorted by color, silk and perle cotton live at her house.  The Kreinik braid lives at Mary’s house (one of the boxes is shown on the table).  In the bottom photo, Rosemary shared what it looks like sorted but added that they might need to add a couple more plastic boxes due to the bags sitting on top!

040 (2)       IMG_0872






Photos of Challenge #1 (Explore the differences between using floss and a pearl or braid for the same set of stitches:




Additional photos concerning threads from Part 1 (cotton, silk, wool, metallic):

     Thanks to Yvonne Hallock for sharing some of the things she likes concerning stitching with cotton and wool threads.  In the top photo, Yvonne created this Crewel piece using primarily split stitch with wool thread – she liked how it gave the look of puppy fur.  In the bottom photo, Yvonne created this cross stitch piece using cotton thread – she liked how it allowed for a smoother look, shading and depth.  

Yvonne's Wool Piece

Yvonne's Cotton Piece            


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