The World of Threads – Resources and Websites

Book Reviews:

“Touch Me. Feel Me. Threads:  A Predictable Results Book” by Janet Perry and Art Needlepoint, ISBN-13:978-1499370195

When I started veering away from DMC cotton floss, I discovered that there was a lot I didn’t know about thread.  I really didn’t understand some of the basics:  the different kinds of fibers, how thread is constructed, and how to handle it, for example.  Just opening a skein without making a royal mess seemed to be hit or miss.  That’s when I discovered this 24-page pamphlet on Amazon.  In addition to the subjects I mentioned, it also gives hints on how to keep track of and organize your threads.  This is a beginning level book, but I found it helpful.  — Rosemary



Thread Company Websites:

Classic Colorworks –   (previously known as Crescent Colourworks)

DMC Corporation –

Gloriana Threads –

Kreinik Manufacturing Company, Inc –

Presencia Finca Embroidery Thread –

Rainbow Gallery –

The Flower Thread Company –

The Gentle Art –

The Thread Gatherer –

Threadworx –

Weeks Dye Works, Inc –








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