Favorite Needlework Mystery Series List

Thanks to Karen Anthony for preparing this list of needlework mystery series. Most are available as audiobooks and e-books as well as physical books.

1. Lea Wait – she writes the Mainely Needlepoint Mysteries

2. Monica Ferris – she writes the Needlecraft Mysteries, books about a woman who owns a needlework shop, the Crewel World, in Minnesota

3. Amanda Lee – she writes the Embroidery Mysteries, books about a woman and her embroidery shop, the Seven Year Stitch, in Oregon

4. Elizabeth Lynn Casey – she writes the Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries

5. Janet Bolin – she writes the Threadville Mysteries, books about a town in Pennsylvania
with lots of needlework businesses

6. Cate Price – she writes the Deadly Notions Mysteries

7. Maggie Sefton – she writes the Knitting Mysteries, books about a knitting group in

8. Betty Hechtman – she writes the Yarn Retreat Mysteries

9. Molly MacRae – she writes the Haunted Yarn Shop Mysteries

10. Sally Goldenbaum – she writes the Seaside Knitters Mysteries