Needlework Tool Case

Photos from each lesson of the GCC are posted here.  Take a look and come back often to view their progress.

Lesson #1:
For this lesson the stitcher was to make choices regarding the threads and the color theme for their project. The stitching area is on the Center Back Section. This area is a pattern of cross stitches of various sizes while adding layers of colors to the cross stitches.

Lesson 2:
The border outline of Smyrna stitches was to be completed. My hint for that is to do only the first diagonal of the stitch to make the outline. I found that if there is a mistake in counting , it is much easier to take out the thread and redo the proper outline. Fill in the rest of the stitch when you are sure the outline is complete. I also worked on Lesson 2 and Lesson 3 at the same time. Making all those Smyrna stitches can get tedious so I would stitch some of the cross stitches for the bottom flap.

Lesson 3:
This is the Bottom Flap area of the toolcase and it is also done in variations of cross stitches layered using different colors of threads as well as other dimensions for the crosses.


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