President’s Challenge – May Photos

May days shouldn’t mean mayhem! Organize your stash (details to be provided are identification of what organization was accomplished.

Connie Swistara:
I’ve been lswistara1ooking forward to this month challenge. To start with I put all of my threads in plastic bags and hung them on the carousel swistara2in numerical order by groups.  The color cards are all facing in the same direction in the plastic bags for easiswistara3er to read   Then I used rings to bind my current project threads together.


Laura Sandison:
I’ve entered my projects into a database!  I use Book Collector for all of my books for embroidery, lace, appraisals, fiction, etc.  I had been putting sandison2the projects into the regular database, but decided to put them into their own. All of the bibliographic information is entered and there is plenty of room for notes.  I think I can even add the project cards I use when I finish a project.  I’ll have to play with that when I have time.  The projects/packets themselves are all put into a tub, which is designated on the database (there is a field for where the project is located). That tub is by my work tablesandison1 under a lace pillow with a long time project.

 The work table has a surface!  Part of this organization time was to get those projects under control, put away and find the table to work the projects on.  It is done!sandison3


I’m attaching photos of the table and bin, and the screenshots of my database.

Hope others are as productive as I feel!


Becky Autry
I downloaded an app, My Cross Stitch Tracker.  I entered the majority of my threautry1ad inventory.  I also added some projects.  Of course, I haven’t entered all of my projects but it’s a start.  The app will even give you a shopping list if you enter the thread requirements for a project.  I’ve decided to try that when I’m getting ready to start a new project.  You can even attach a picture of the project.  There is an export function to save a backup(which I need to do).  I would hate to lose what I’ve already entered!autry3

I organized my floss cabinet.  TIMG_5588his is an antique cabinet that my mother used in her decorative painting (tole painting) business.  I worked there as a teenager.  It sits on an antique baker’s cabinet.  I love just looking at it wiIMG_5589th all the colors.
Barbara Ing

I reorganized my reference library of 257 books. They are listed on an Excel sheet via title,author, technique topics and ISBN #.  Not all are shown in the pictures- I have two other bookcases in the bedrooms with some of the shelves dedicated to knitting, crafts, etc. and needlework magazines.
I viewed and became re-acquainted with lots of good books that had been forgotten.  It’s like making new friends with new books and still having the old friends standing by.  This is a “round-to-it  that was finally accomplished.

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