President’s Challenge – April Photos

Apply yourself and finish a UFO.  You have the option of finishing stitching on an item or doing the finishing on an item that had the stitching already completed.

Barbara IngWyoming Santa
The Wyoming Santa designed by Libby Sturdy had only a bit of red on the suit and some of the beard stitched before I started in March.

The green one Molly was already stitched but not finished for use.  I stitched the red one, Lil,during March and April and finished them for useing2 both in April.  You can’t really tell they are stand-ups.  They are finished like a pocket so they will stand with or without an object inside.
These will stand without help since they are small.  (About 4” by 7”).  Designing1s by Joan Thomasson.

Becky ABlackwork Caseutry
I’ve had the blackwork scissors case designed by Carolyn Standing Webb stitched since 2005!  You can see the date on the piece.  I hate finishing as I’m not very good aIMG_5572t it but did get it IMG_5573done for the challenge.  I purchased the scissors many years ago to go with the scissors case.

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