President’s Challenge 3 (2017 – 2018)

It Is All About Me! Sampler

Our thanks go out to Charlotte Brooks for coming up with this terrific idea!!

For the President’s Challenge 3 (2017-2018), we are going to be doing a sampler of 12 “blocks”.  Because you are going to design this yourselves and, after all, it is “all about you”, we are going to allow your blocks to be anywhere from 1” to 3” in size. Just to be quirky, they also do not have to be square.  They could be rectangular, if you wish, but no bigger than 9 square inches each – e.g. 1 x 2, 2 x 3, 1 x 3, etc.  You can combine square shapes and rectangular shapes, too.

These blocks can be created on one piece of ground fabric or you can create the squares independent of one another and apply them to some kind of ground in the end.   For instance, you may decide to baste the outline grid for 2” squares on 32 count linen and fill in each square with needlework. Another example would be that you may decide to do some squares measuring 2” x 2” on Congress cloth and some squares measuring 2” x 3” on 24-cnt linen and then, you stitch all those squares onto an antique tablecloth! The whole idea is to be creative with those blocks but bring them all to rest as one unit.

The stitching can be done in surface, counted, canvas, beading, applique….any combination of embroidery techniques.  Each square must have some needlework (done with a threaded needle) on it.  If you get on a roll, you can do more than 12 blocks but in the end, you will only be able to turn in up to 12 completed “blocks” for the drawing.

As an example, a basic sampler could have 15 squares laid out in a 3×5 grid and you might embroider one or 2 squares each month.  However, only 12 qualifying (needlework of some kind) blocks will be put into the drawing.  Remember that it’s your sampler and you can stitch as much or as little as you like.

Use the same topic throughout the year (all flowers) or combinations of topics or inspirations (playing with color). Create your own design(s) or use patterns or parts of a patterns you already have or you find online. The blocks are small so your needlework can be fairly simple.   It’s also okay to combine a few squares together for a special block.  Be creative and try something new.  Your blocks can be realistic or abstract—it’s fine if you are the only one who knows the significance of a particular block.   For once, it is all about you.

For fabulous inspiration go to: or google “embroidered inchies”.
This challenge will run from June 2017 to June 2018.  This gives you June to get yourself organized and thinking about what you want to do.  You will not have to send in “proof” of your progress month to month, but you are welcome (and we encourage you) to send pictures and explanations of your thought process, progress, etc. Just send those to Connie and she’ll post them.  If you wait until the very end – June 30, 2018 – you can just send us a picture of your completed piece.

It would also be nice, if in the end, everyone writes up a little blurb on how their journey went and/or what inspired them.

To be part of this challenge, you need to send $10 in to our treasurer, Susan Clayton (14265 Table Rock Court, Reno, NV 89511). Make the check out to RMWS – EGA.  You can do this any time between June 1, 2017 and May 1, 2018.

Here are some wonderful ideas to get you thinking about topics for your blocks:

  • Seasons: What’s your favorite season?  Stitch a square representing that season or stitch 4 squares, one for each season.
  • Comfort Food: What’s your favorite meal?  Or your favorite dessert?  What recipe are you famous for?
  • Color: Stitch a block highlighting your favorite color or color combination.
  • Travel: Paris, London, Desert Island, EGA seminar?  What’s your dream vacation?  Stitch as many squares as you   need to explore this topic.
  • Heritage: Stitch a square or squares showing your family’s heritage or something about your ancestors.
  • Family: Add a square or many squares to represent your family
  • Books: What’s your favorite book? Book titles.  Book subjects.
  • Words: Do you have a favorite poem, quote or scripture passage?  Or just your favorite word for the year?
  • Movies: Stitch your favorite movie or TV show
  • Personal: What do you like about yourself?  Or what do other people say they like about you?
  • Pets: Stitch a block that represents your favorite pet (past, present or future).
  • Interests: Stitch a square depicting your favorite interests or passions
  • Resolutions or Goals: Do you have a goal or New Year’s resolution you really want to accomplish? Stitch it in a block or stitch many blocks showing your goals.
  • Important Dates: Stitch a block or more showing important dates in your life
  • Happy: What makes your happy and brings a smile to your face?
  • Free Weekend: Beach, Mountains or Couch?  What would be your perfect weekend?
  • Learning: If you had the time and money, what would you love to learn?
  • Accomplishments: What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of?
  • Home: Where do you live?  Where is your heart?
  • Wildcard: Stitch a block about anything-as long as it’s about you.
  • Fins, Fur and Feathers: Stitch your favorite fish, animal or bird
  • Nature: What’s your favorite place to commune with nature?
  • Flora: Stitch your favorite flower or tree
  • Holiday: Devote one or more blocks to your favorite holiday or holidays.