Undulations II GCC Discussion

This Group Correspondence Course is currently underway.  Those participating in the GCC are invited to participate in the discussion by using the reply function.

Check the Photo Gallery for pictures of the progress.

Happy Stitching!

Nancy 9-18-17

Nancy 9-18-17

Nancy 9-18-17 - 2

4 thoughts on “Undulations II GCC Discussion

  1. Ok everyone, we are about a third of the way into this and I hope everyone is stitching. I haven’t touched mine in 4 weeks! Went back to collage full time and wow, homework… but I figured out how to make one class assignment into my GCC class! Instead of a research paper I get to spend 20 hours working/volunteering/ (read that stitching ) at the local State museum… so that is where I will be on saturday mornings….hope to have some pictures posted next week

  2. ok, test drive of this … please let me know if this is working? I will try to do an update every two to three weeks as to how I am progressing and check in as to where we should all be on this project.

    • It is working just fine, Nancy!
      I actually got a start on the project in-between friends and family whilst here in northern Idaho. I hope to be able to really work on it when I return to Reno next week.

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